Bishop A. G. Mullen, Jr.

Pastor Vanessa H. Mullen


and Women's Ministry Leader/ Women of Purpose

You might ask, “Who's that Lady?”…faithful like Elizabeth, favored like Mary, a fighter like Deborah - Vanessa H. Mullen – A wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter and friend – functions and flourishes alongside her husband and best friend, Apostle Aubrey G. Mullen, Jr. as Pastor of Abundant Life International Baptist Cathedral, Jacksonville, NC. A matriarch, motivator, and mentor, Pastor Mullen has a passion for women's ministry in all areas and has preached throughout what thus says the Lord. Her awesome example of Godly love, integrity, and virtue is an inspiration for all who come in contact with this anointed vessel as she teaches, instructs, and ministers in a practical yet exciting way. HER MOTIVATION: Their children, Canita, Christopher (deceased), Krystal, and Gerard; and their grandchildren, N'Jaria, Abria, Christopher Joseph, Nyjah, Kristeon Vanessa, Adyan and Aubrey. HER MINISTRY: Pastor has a heart for people and works tirelessly to help any and everyone with their “special needs.”

She has birthed the Women's Ministry, Women of Purpose, consisting of women from different walks of life whose purposed to edify, uplift, and encourage one another and their brothers in the word, prayer, and through praise. She founded the Abundance of Love and Learning Center — more than just childcare — “a loving learning environment.” HER MISSION: She motivates the hearer to “Push Through to Forgiveness” and walk out of their “ Dark Place ” into their rightful place in the Body of Christ. Pastor conducts workshops, seminars, and conferences. It is her mission to help every “Sista” break free of her past and walk into her destiny! HER MESSAGE: Prophetic, Powerful and Purposed by God for the people of God. She has ministered mightily such messages as: “When the Music Stops,” “When the Hurt Won't Stop Hurting,” “Stand,” “How to Handle the Dark Place,” “What's Blocking Your Flow and so many more… HER MANDATE: Pastor Vanessa H. Mullen, a woman of spiritual wisdom, wealth and worth, has been anointed and appointed, endorsed and endowed, called and commanded to lead the people of God to the heart of God through the Word of God for such a time as this.


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Phone : (910) 346 - 2356

Address : 1518 Gum Branch Road, Jacksonville, NC